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[IP] Re: daughter in college

I wanted to thank everyone for their responses both to the list and 
privately.  Melinda has read some of them it it does help to get feedback from 
others.  I know the pump helped me in relationships because I could be more 
flexible about eating and didn't have to worry if we changed our plans (i.e go 
to movie first then dinner).  Like many of you, I wish I could have had it in 
college along with BS testing.  But I know she has other concerns because she 
is younger and also wears tighter clothes than I do so she is also concerned 
about it showing.  We talked about options for where to wear it.  She was home 
for the weekend and had a mental block against giving her shot.  She actually 
skipped some of the Humalog shots without her BS going high so maybe she is 
headed for the honeymoon period.  She knows the shots don't hurt and was doing 
fine for about a week but then her hand just wouldn't do it.  It took about 1 
hr on Saturday.  I almost did it but we both thought that wouldn't solve the 
problem because I'm not with her all the time.  Last night it took her about 3 
hours back at the dorm.  I was talking to her on her cell much of the time and 
she had decided to go to the hospital across the street from her dorm to see 
if someone could help her at about 1:00 a.m.  She tried one more time and was 
able to do it but she is so frustrated with herself and her friends don't know 
how to help her.  I struggle too.

But, even worse than that, a girl with diabetes who lives in the dorm next to 
her died last night.  From what Melinda heard, she was unconscious and blue 
and her roommate called 911 but she died before they got there.  She's pretty 
freaked out by it (naturally).  Someone told her this right before she had to 
give a speech (which she did poorly on).  Of course we don't know why she died 
and it could be non-diabetes related.  I know all too well what it feels like 
to hear about bad things happening to diabetics but it's so much worse to have 
Melinda have to worry about it especially now.  I had just warned her about 
things she might read in the paper (like the Nov. 15-17 article in USA Weekend 
where they make it sound like blindness, nerve damage, impotence, kidney 
failure, etc. are almost for certain).  I also hope this doesn't scare her 
roommate.  Melinda has Glucagon but I'm pretty sure her friends would drag her 
across the street to the ER before they would give her a shot.
I told her to call the nurse educator and see if she could talk to her or a 
social worker to help her deal with her fears.  I'm glad she is talking to be 
about it because at 1st she told her Dad she felt bad complaining to me since 
I've gone thru 29 years of this but he convinced her that I was the one she 
should talk to about it because I would understand it.

Sorry to ramble, it's been a rough couple of days with trying to support 
Melinda.  I appreciate everyone's support and advice.

Type 1 - pumping 3+ years
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