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[IP] Pump Holster Accessories

For those men wearing pumps that want to purchase holders and be discrete, I
have two suggestions that are cost effective.

1.  Lewis and Clark, Travel Accessories, Hidden Travel Wallet, $6.99. This
unit is designed to hide money while traveling. It consists of a loop which
goes over your pants belt and then hangs inside your pants. It has a
zippered pouch. This unit should be able to accomodate any insulin pump. The
zipper allows the tubing to come out at the top of the pouch.

2. The second pump holster is available only at Galyans. It is called a
"Shoe Pocket". It is designed for joggers to place items on their shoes
while running. This unit has to be modified slightly by repositioning the
velcro. (Some sewing is required, but not much and nothing fancy.) Once
modified it will hang over your pants belt and the cover will be secured
with velcro. It too can be worn inside your pants. The Minimed Paradigm fits
EXACTLY into this unit. It comes in black only and costs $6.99.

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