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[IP] Re: Merck-Medo question (not a gripe...yet)

> My question concerns the infusion sets & reservoirs I now get directly
> Animas.  Does anyone else who has a prescription benefit plan through
> Merck-Medco still get their pump supplies (infusion sets & res) from
> Or do you let Merck supply them?

We were with a company that used M-M for Rx's and they would not send me
infusion sets, but would reservoirs. I even added the NDC # which was
suggested on this site. Well, we changed insurers 8/1/02 and I submitted the
Rx for SofSets and low and behold, they are covered. Two boxes for $30 (OUR
rate). My point is, not that it has to be Animas, for I don't have that -
it's what's covered in your plan that counts. Evidently they are not under
our DME or I'd think being an Rx wouldn't count.

The other company charged us $9.46 for a 10ml vial of Methotrexate for my
hugsband's RA. That was even below the copay. This company (8/1/02) will not
cover it at all and we cannot buy it with an Rx from M-M with an Rx. grrrr

As far as insulin mailed from M-M, I have been extreeeeeemly happy with
their shipping method. Once I got a cute little styrofoam cooler chest with
a couple of ice packs and bubble wrap around the insulin boxes for my 90-day
supply. Since then, it comes in foam envelopes with two ice packs and bubble
wrap around the boxed insulin.

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