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Re: [IP] What would other dmers do? (long)

2 things, don't know if either of them will help you. 

First, my dad (who has been retired for almost 10 years, so laws
definitely could have been changed since then) told me once that a
company has a certain number of days to send you the forms for COBRA.  I
think maybe you fill them out and send them in, then you have a certain
number of days before your first payment is due.  If you have other
insurance by then, no problem, do nothing.  If you NEEDED coverage during
that time, send in the payment and it's covered.  Don't know if that's
true, don't know if it was ever entirely true.  He worked for a company
with extremely generous insurance coverage, so their plan could have been
completely different from your company's policy.  Still, it might be
worth looking into.

Second, my best friend always wanted to be a stay at home mom.  She had
hepatits right before she was married.  It was much cheaper for her and
her husband to be on separate policies, so she didn't bother getting on
his insurance at the time of her marriage.  Well, apparently, she could
have gotten on then with no problem.  However, when she quit her job and
decided to be a housewife, her hubby's insurance basically said, NO,
YOU'VE HAD HEPATITS!!!  SOOO, they ended up making COBRA payments through
her entire first pregnancy, and for several months afterwards.  All that
to say, you might want to get on your fiance's insurance as soon as
possible, since you have a pre-existing condition.  

Hope that's a tiny bit of help.  Blessings on your new job and your


> My company is downsizing, so I accepted a new job to start Dec 9.  
> My current 
> job ends Dec 5.  Insurance benefits for the new job will start Jan 
> 1.  They are 
> changing to a new insurance, so I don't know what it is yet.  My 
> fiance has 
> Cigna PPO through his job.  We are set to get married March 15, and 
> I could go 
> on his insurance then if I wanted to.  Looking at his 00 info, the 
> policy looks 
> pretty good, and really cheap copayments, but I don't know if it 
> changed.  My 
> mom had Cigna HMO, and she says they closed all of their offices 
> here and 
> payments went way up in the last year.  Weird stuff has been 
> happening so she's 
> worried they are going under.  Also, we are going on vacation for a 
> week for a 
> family reuniuon over Christmas, and since my fiance works in retail 
> he is 
> worried that they may fire him for that.  Don't ask why he hasn't 
> discussed it 
> with them yet but I think if he had discussed it a long time ago he 
> would have 
> been fine.  He is a supervisor so I think they will still need him 
> after 
> Christmas.  But he works for some pretty stupid people so who knows. 
>  I think I 
> would be ok to just not have insurance from Dec 6 to Jan 1.  I have 
> enough 
> supplies until then.  According to my HR rep, Cobra has 30 days to 
> send me the 
> paperwork so I would be eligible for my own insurance by the time I 
> could sign 
> up for that.  My mom says I could go on Cobra now and even though 
> the paperwork 
> doesn't come for 30 days I am covered immediately.  Regardless, 
> Cobra for 1 
> month is $300 I would rather not spend.   My mom is freaking out 
> about that-
>  "what if something happens to you and you have a kidney infection 
> or 
> ketoacidosis or a broken leg?"  She typically gets paranoid about 
> stuff, so I'm 
> used to shrugging off most of her worries.  But are her worried 
> justified in 
> this case?  I haven't had a kidney infection but once 4 years ago, 
> ketoacidosis 
> not since 6 years ago.  I do know how to take care of myself.  My 
> fiance says 
> we can get our marriage license signed and get legally married right 
> now so I 
> can get on his insurance.  First of all, I don't want to do that 
> unless 
> absolutely necessary.  I want my wedding to be a normal wedding 
> (jitters and 
> all- ha ha) and not have to change it, like everything else in my 
> life, for the 
> sake of dm (unless I absolutely have to).  Since legally I can be 
> without 
> insurance for 60 days, I think I will be fine for 3 weeks.  And 
> anyway what if 
> we do it and he gets fired, or Cigna goes under, or is a horrible 
> plan...?    
> So I need to decide in the next 2 weeks if I should get married 
> legally and go 
> on my fiance's Cigna PPO plan, go without insurance for 3 weeks, or 
> try Cobra 
> for 1 month.  Please tell me what you would do if you were in this 
> position, 
> and why.  I really need opinions from people who understand.  
> Everybody else 
> keeps telling me to just go out and buy insurance for 3 weeks.  
> Sure, it's that 
> easy!  lol
> thanks,
> Julie
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