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Re: [IP] What would other dmers do? (long)

 Tell ya what , I am from Canada, moved to Tucson to be with my fianci, was
without insurance, was doing OK. Out of the blue, I had  a LOWWWWW LOW, Paul
had to call the ambulance, My BS went so low, I could not remember who I
was, who my fianci was, nothing!! Went to hospital, they did cat scan etc
etc, basically said ummmmmmm we dunno why this happened, go home, and go see
a doctor.
We got married the next month and I am now on his insurance(thank God), but
we also are still paying off the $1,500.00 hospital bill!! I would have
rather paid $300.00 a month, if only I had known.
It is ultimately up to you, but the protection from the unknown is very
important for us diabetics you know!!
Tami in Tucson
pumping since Nov 1/02
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> My company is downsizing, so I accepted a new job to start Dec 9.  My
> job ends Dec 5.  Insurance benefits for the new job will start Jan 1.
They are
> changing to a new insurance, so I don't know what it is yet.  My fiance
> Cigna PPO through his job.  We are set to get married March 15, and I
could go
> on his insurance then if I wanted to.  Looking at his 00 info, the policy
> pretty good, and really cheap copayments, but I don't know if it changed.
> mom had Cigna HMO, and she says they closed all of their offices here and
> payments went way up in the last year.  Weird stuff has been happening so
> worried they are going under.  Also, we are going on vacation for a week
for a
> family reuniuon over Christmas, and since my fiance works in retail he is
> worried that they may fire him for that.  Don't ask why he hasn't
discussed it
> with them yet but I think if he had discussed it a long time ago he would
> been fine.  He is a supervisor so I think they will still need him after
> Christmas.  But he works for some pretty stupid people so who knows.  I
think I
> would be ok to just not have insurance from Dec 6 to Jan 1.  I have enough
> supplies until then.  According to my HR rep, Cobra has 30 days to send me
> paperwork so I would be eligible for my own insurance by the time I could
> up for that.  My mom says I could go on Cobra now and even though the
> doesn't come for 30 days I am covered immediately.  Regardless, Cobra for
> month is $300 I would rather not spend.   My mom is freaking out about
>  "what if something happens to you and you have a kidney infection or
> ketoacidosis or a broken leg?"  She typically gets paranoid about stuff,
so I'm
> used to shrugging off most of her worries.  But are her worried justified
> this case?  I haven't had a kidney infection but once 4 years ago,
> not since 6 years ago.  I do know how to take care of myself.  My fiance
> we can get our marriage license signed and get legally married right now
so I
> can get on his insurance.  First of all, I don't want to do that unless
> absolutely necessary.  I want my wedding to be a normal wedding (jitters
> all- ha ha) and not have to change it, like everything else in my life,
for the
> sake of dm (unless I absolutely have to).  Since legally I can be without
> insurance for 60 days, I think I will be fine for 3 weeks.  And anyway
what if
> we do it and he gets fired, or Cigna goes under, or is a horrible plan...?
> So I need to decide in the next 2 weeks if I should get married legally
and go
> on my fiance's Cigna PPO plan, go without insurance for 3 weeks, or try
> for 1 month.  Please tell me what you would do if you were in this
> and why.  I really need opinions from people who understand.  Everybody
> keeps telling me to just go out and buy insurance for 3 weeks.  Sure, it's
> easy!  lol
> thanks,
> Julie
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