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[IP] Re: 1800 rule (was fixing highs)

>These rules (1500, 1800, 450, etc...) are all based on the response 
>of "average" people, not a specific person.

The funny thing about this.  Several months ago, my bolus ratios didn't 
match the 450 rule nor the 1800 rule very well.  As I've gotten my 
rates more well established (basal and bolus), when I go back 
and "check" myself against the 1800 and 450 rule, I fit into the almost 

For me, these rules were both a starting point and an ending point.  :-
)  Has anyone else experienced this? 

I think that if you are really far off of the numbers these values give 
you, then it MIGHT indicate that the basal rate isn't correct, and so 
your bolus is "accomodating" the basal miscalculation.

Or, it could just be that there are those who are very different.

I mean, how many "average" people are there in the world?  I happen to 
be PERFECTLY average for a male...5'10" and 154 lbs is the EXACT 
national average.  So, I know there is at least one.  :-)
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