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[IP] Re: What would other dmers do? (long)

>> My mom says I could go on Cobra now and even though the paperwork
doesn't come for 30 days I am covered immediately.  Regardless, Cobra for 1
month is $300 I would rather not spend.   My mom is freaking out about that-
 "what if something happens to you and you have a kidney infection or
ketoacidosis or a broken leg?" >>

Moms have a history you don't have - that's why she's freaking out. Mom has
read the newspapers and heard radio/TV reports far longer than you. ;)
Listen to Mom.

>> My fiance says we can get our marriage license signed and get legally
married right now so I
can get on his insurance.  First of all, I don't want to do that unless
absolutely necessary. And anyway what if we do it and he gets fired, or
Cigna goes under, or is a horrible plan...?

Sorry, can't resist: Now you sound like Mom. LOL  BTW, don't you have to do
the first line of the above in reverse order? = get legally married *then*
the marriage license can be signed. ;)

>>So I need to decide in the next 2 weeks if I should get married legally
and go
on my fiance's Cigna PPO plan, go without insurance for 3 weeks, or try
for 1 month.  Please tell me what you would do if you were in this position,
and why. >>

*I* think your best bet is to go with COBRA. If he's fired or Cigna goes
under, you are still covered for 18 months which should be sufficient time
to find another job with coverage. You may not use it that long, but that's
what insurance is all about. Having DM means you have to cover all bases. :(

> I really need opinions from people who understand.  Everybody else
keeps telling me to just go out and buy insurance for 3 weeks.  Sure, it's
easy!  lol


Well, you got my *clarification*. (~_^)

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Sometimes you make the right decision - sometimes you have to make the
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