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Re: [IP] What would other dmers do? (long)

> My mom
> says I could go on Cobra now and even though the paperwork doesn't
> come for 30 days I am covered immediately.  Regardless, Cobra for 1
> month is $300 I would rather not spend.   My mom is freaking out
> about that-
>  "what if something happens to you and you have a kidney infection
>  or 
> ketoacidosis or a broken leg?" 

Your mom is right but for the wrong reasons. Your supplies will cost 
your roughly $300 per month if you have to pay for all of them out of 
pocket. The COBRA is a good deal at $300 bucks, take it. If there is 
a lapse in your coverage, your new employer will not insure you for 
diabetes related expenses for up to a year. Thus, you will be paying 
$300 bucks a month for a year, that's opposed to $300 bucks a month 
for COBRA + copays for supplies. Sounds like a deal to me.

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