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Re: [IP] (no subject)

> This info was on the digest before but I did not save it and would
> very much appreciate your wisdom.  My blood sugars go high  on third
> day.  When I switched from  Humalog to Novolog   the problem seemed
> corrected but now after several months the problem seems to be 
> occurring with Novolog .  There was info about dilution as a way to
> correct  this .  Could this please be repeated.  I believe Michael
> was the dispenser of this idea.  Many thanks.

Before Novolog, people with Humalog problems frequently mixed Humalog 
with Velosulin, typically 5 parts H, 1 part V. The archives are full 
of threads on this. Use the search engine on the entire IP mail 
archive and keywords 

Humalog Velosulin

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