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Re: [IP] Overnight basal testing

> Well I tried to test my over night basal but went low just after
> supper and then went to  14.8 -2 hours later so I quit that and now
> I'm pigging out! I made it 3 1/2 hours without food!! YIKES!  I'll
> have to try again tomorrow.  My question is, they say if you go low
> after supper to abort the over night test and call your trainer to
> adjust boluses but I can't figure out my boluses till I know if my
> basals are making me low!  I do seem to always go low 1 hour after I
> eat so I've gone from 1u-7c to 1u - 10c

A low after a meal, even up to 3 hrs later -- if consistent -- is a 
good sign that ratios are too low. It sounds like you are on track in 
the right direction. When you start fine tuning the ratio you will be 
adjusting in tenths instead of units :-)  Talk to your medical 
trainer and keep up the good work.

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