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Re: [IP] What would other dmers do? (long)

My understanding is that Cobra is retroactive, or at least that was how it
was explained to me.  I had 20 days between when my coverage stopped and my
husbands took over.  I didn't pay for Cobra, but was told if something
happened in those 20 days, I could sign up for Cobra after and it would
cover me for that 'something'.  This way you only pay for it if you need it.
Lucky for me I didn't need any perscriptions filled, or anything happened
during this time.  You will probably be fine if you wait until Jan 1st.
Also, marriage is considered a 'life-changing event' for some insurance
companies.  So it is quite possible, that if your new coverage ends up being
so-so, you could drop yours and join your husbands as of March 15th.  Again,
I believe you can drop coverage at any time, it is just adding someone that
can be a drag.

In my case I quit my job and went back to school.  It was cheaper for my
husband and I to be single on our health programs through each company, then
both on one.  Go figure... My husbands insurance allows you to add a spouse
of dependent if they lose their coverage, it just becomes official at the
start of the next month.  So that was what we did.  His insurance has
cheaper copays, but sorting out all my doctors into the new system has been
'fun'.  :-)

I could have been misinformed about Cobra, anyone here know more about it?

-- Sherry
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