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[IP] question about insulin and heat

My mom is having trouble with the insulin she gets from her mail order compnay 
for my brother.  We live in Florida, and often they deliver it and no one is 
home so they leave it on the doorstep.  Sometimes they try to deliver it 3 
times (I think UPS does that) and then they will let you pick it up, but by 
that time it has been sitting in unairconditioned warehouses and trucks.  When 
she gets the insulin it is outside temp.  What is the temp insulin cannot go 
above?  How long at a certain temp before it goes bad and how can you tell if 
it has gone bad?  The delivery compnay and insurance compnay said if she 
doesn't like the way they deliver she can get it at the pharmacy but then it 
costs twice as much.  What can she do?  This is rediculous, they should not be 
able to get away with this.  They should be responsible for keeping 
refrigerated products cold, even in FL weather.  I'm discusted but don't know 
what to tell her.
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