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[IP] My New DTron Plus

My new Dtron+ came via UPS last Wednesday evening.  My
insurance finally came through!!  On Thursday morning,
bright and much too early, I left for a business trip.
 I packed up the Dtron+, all the supplies, and the
owner's manual and got on the plane (along with my MM
507c and my conference materials).

Thursday night after dinner I got out the manual,
programmed my basals, and figured out how to bolus
(the Dtron buttons are mirror image from the 507c - a
bit confusing!).  Then I hooked it up to me, took the
battery out of the 507c and went to bed.

Let me tell you - New Orleans is a WONDERFUL place -
especially with a brand new pump!!  My BGs have NEVER
been more consistent.  I sat in meetings for 9 hours
every day, then site-saw every night.  I stayed in the
Quarter, ate beignets & drank coffee in the late
evening hours (something that the desire for sleep
usually prevents me from doing), and gorged myself on
all sorts of culinary delights.  My BG only went over
150 once and that was for a very short time after I

I am astounded at the incredible difference my BGs are
now from the 507c.  My basal rates are so low that
with the MM delivery method I was only getting one
basal "click" once or twice an hour (and would not
have been any different with the Paradigm).  My BGs
reflected that roller coaster ride.  

The Dtron is a dream come true for me - a tiny bit of
insulin every 3 minutes is EXACTLY what I needed.  (If
you remember - my insurance company told me that that
minute amount of insulin COULD NOT make a difference. 

Woo Hoo!!!

And the Disetronic sales rep should be showing up
sometime today to train me.  <vbg>

-gail in denver
Dx'd T1 02/14/72 @ age 11.  Pumping since 1985-ish.

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