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[IP] Re: no insurance

Gina,  thanks so much for responding so soon, and many thanks to all of you who 
have reached out or offered to help my situation.  
I have the 507c but it's compatible with all 508 supplies.  I use humalog with it, and I
 average 80 units daily.  I am specifically looking for the Soft-set Ultimate QR infusion
 sets, or something that I can insert with the Soft-serter insertion device.  I haven't
 tried any of the other infusion sets, so I'm not sure about what else can work with
 this or my pump.  I also have never used Novolog, so I don't know how it compares
 with the humalog.  Any of these would be helpful.  Just let me know and we can
 arrange for me to pay for postage. I have some extras of the rest of the supplies 
(the reservoir, batteries, iv prep & dressing, etc) that should last for a bit.

I may possibly have insurance again in January, or I may look into getting medicare
 but I'm not sure what the eligibility requirements are. I'll look into this soon.
I have to say that I am so touched by the response of the people on this board.  It
 really is a wonderful group, I can see that already.  I really look forward to reading
 more, and maybe even getting to know some of you more personally.  My husband
 was layed off from a contract job in Seattle (big corporation budget-cuts), and we're
 staying in Salem, Or with my folks until something else comes through. This is the
the first time that we've both been unemployed at the same time, and it's a little 
scary.  Not to mention that my bg's are so wacko right now, as I'm trying to get 
used to shots again.  I roller-coastered from 386 to 39 to 269, etc, all day today.
Pretty miserable... and I think my hubby is scared by all this.  Poor guy. He's 
not used to seeing me this wacked out.

Thanks again for everyone's compassionate outreach to me.  It's really exactly 
what I've needed right now.  Puts a bit of faith back in this heart of mine. :) 

Blessings, Sherrie

 email @ redacted wrote:Sherrie,

I saw your post on the IP board.

What pump do you have ?
I have just recently gotten Medicaid and it now covers my supplies.
When I first started pumping I had no insurance and everything was being paid for out of pocket.
Then the people of Insulin Pumpers started sending me supplies that they did not need anymore. I now have almost a full year worth of supplies.
Let me know what kind of pump you have, if it is a Minimed I can send you some supplies to keep you pumping for another month or so, and I am SURE that there are others out here who can help you. The people from this group are WONDERFUL !!!

I also have some extra Humalog and some Novolog, what type of insulin do you use ?

Hope we can help !

Look forward to hearing from you!

Gina Doyle


~ Sher

"If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun."  Katherine Hepburn

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