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[IP] Re: fixing highs

I use the rule of 1800 (you can use 1500 if you are using regular)
(take your average daily dose, and divide 1800/your number)
Example, if you use 50 units a day, you would do 50/1800.
This would give you your sensitivity factor (how many points will one unit of
insulin drop you).

So, then you take what you are - what you want to be and divide by your Sens.

I am 200 and my goal is 100, my sensistivity factor is 25  (just for easy

200-100 = 100

so in theory, I would bolus 4 units to get my bgl to 100 in the next couple of
hours, depending on your insulin sensitivity, etc..

Hope this helps.

26 y/o IDDM 18 yrs
Pumping 507C 2/99-11/02
paradigm since 11.11.02
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