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Re: [IP] Insulin Pumps and College

There is a great deal of research to show that pumping improves glycemic
control, thereby lessening the risks of complications.  It is also indicated
in newly diagnosed people because good glycemic control is the only proven
method to retaining residual beta cell mass.  Producing some of your own
insulin is also shown to reduce the risks of complications.  On top of all
the clinical reasons for pumping, CSII also improves emotional health
because it makes life sooo much more normal and because most pumpers feel so
much better than  those on MDI.  So for a health care professional to say
that you would be "less worthy" of love because you take care of your
health, I find unethical, unprofessional, and down right cruel.  I thought
I'd heard all the ridiculous reasons why people shouldn't improve their
lives and their health.  I'm amazed every time I hear a new one.


P.S.  Did you ask that CDE how long she's been pumping?
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