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RE: [IP] Overnight basal testing

At 11:45 AM 11/17/02, you wrote:
>The book by John Walsh "Pumping Insulin" also recommends that you test
>and adjust your nighttime basals first...then proceed to to testing
>daytime settings.  His book provides a very clear and thorough
>discussion of the topic but you should always check with your MD/CDE
>first.  There is a fine balance between taking control yourself and
>following the guidance of your medical team.  I will be start pumping
>(Paradigm) myself tomorrow and have already discussed testing procedures
>with the CDE.  Good luck,

Yes, and when I first started pumping insulin, I discussed basal test 
fasting with my CDE.  She didn't really think it was necessary, she thought 
that you could get it all worked out much better by just doing things as 
you normally do.  So, I went ahead, with her knowledge, and did the fasting 
and got all my basals worked out.  Even though she didn't think it was 
necessary, I guess she just felt that whatever worked for me and made me 
happy was ok.  My endo just tells me that I probably know more about using 
a pump than he does.  So, at this time, they pretty much give me free 
rein.  And, with my A1cs being so good, they're happy.  And I'm happy 
because I like having control.  YMMV.

dx'd 1963
pumping 2000
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