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[IP] Bolusing for Protein

Just got a digest talking about bolusing for protein and wanted to add my 2 
cents worth (or has that gone up to a nickle??).  Just a little Nutrition 
101 (can't help myself - I used to teach this stuff.)
You are right in that protein in high amounts can be converted to glucose - 
that's how all those low carb, higher protein diets work.

But protein only converts to glucose IF it's eaten in excess of what YOUR 
body needs.  Your body needs about 6-8oz or equivalent (vegetarian) per day 
depending on your own particular circumstances.  If you're a body builder or 
have had skin damage (surgery etc.) you may need more.

Let's say you need 8 ounces per day-- after that's consumed your body 
converts about 50% of the excess to glucose AND it takes several hours to 
so.  (Usually 5 or 6).

And yes, YMMV - we're all so different.  You may need more or less protein, 
it may convert 50% more or less, and it may take longer or I suppose even 
less time.

And this is exactly why people have so much trouble with a big, 
protein-laden pizzas at night (not even getting into the different varieties 
and how the pieces are cut, etc., etc.,).

And yeah,fat can break down into glucose, but only about 5% of it does, and 
only if carbs are not available - so although the fat might be a problem 
(with raising BG), it usually isn't - at least not in the conversion to 
glucose department.  It raises havoc in other ways.

Off the soap box and send questions (answers !) and problems my way - 
please.  And of course, JHughey, points of clarification -lol!


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