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[IP] Weird Bgs

I don't know what's going on with my body but i have a question.  My 
blood sugar dropped from 230 to 136 in 15 minutes with no exercise.  
This is weird..has anyone else encounter this.  Plus, last night I felt 
nauseous and so i got some sugar because sometimes i feel sick when i'm 
low..(had no meter at time)  When I got home i tested and i was at 
424!!  It took 4-5 hours to come down and i felt like throwing up all 
night.  Today I feel better but very weak and still have stomach aches. 
  I took my test about 1/2 hour ago and it was 234 after an hour of 
bolusing for dinner.  I was worried about ketones so I gave myself 
another unit.  In 15 minutes it dropped to 130!  Isn't that crazy..

any thoughts appreciated..

Jake Chojnacki
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