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[IP] Pumps, college & "relationships"

Although I didn't have a pump in college (luckily, I didn't have diabetes 
till out of school) I dealt with being young, single and on shots for 15
years and would offer a thought to anyone considering the impact of pump vs.
shots on a potential relationship: The biggest problem I experienced with
dating had nothing to do with the syringes. It was the rigid time schedule
that diabetics 20 years ago typically had -- being unable to do things
spontaneously, being unable to sleep in, being unable to plan activities for
times that interfered with meals, being unable to wait on line at a
restaurant, etc. that would turn guys off or make them think I was cramping
their style or being "manipulative" before we ever had the chance to know
each other very well.  None of those issues would come up with a pump.
Although there are men who don't flip out when you present them with a time
schedule on the first or second date, such as the one I've been with for 8
years, I would only suggest that no one has to deal with this potential
rejection and hassle. I can't see how a pump wouldn't be preferable. --Mary
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