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[IP] H-tron batteries

Had a funny thing happen tonight with Claire's H-tron pump and I was 
wondering if anyone else had had this happen to them.
At 8:00 pm exactly, the pump sounded a low motor battery alarm. Claire 
silenced the alarm and continuing playing.  At 9:00 pm exactly the low 
batteryalarm went again and she mentioned to me that it had gone off earlier. 
I checked the history and saw the time, thought it was odd.
At 10:00 pm exactly, it went off again!  So I phoned Disetronic, the tech 
just said to change the battery and she would send me a new pair, as it has 
only been in use for 3 weeks.  However, I was intrigued about the one hour 
intervals.  Does the pump do some sort of self check on the hour??  We've 
never had anything like this before, the low battery alarms were usually when 
priming a new cartridge, or just sporadically.  
I did try to get the battery apart to see the battery manufacturer.  But 
couldn't do it!!  I have the instructions and used an elastic but this didn't 

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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