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>>>Unfortunately the diabetes educator was somewhat negative about pump and said they had one girl quit it because it interfered with her relationships and  guys felt uncomfortable because she had something attached to her.<<<

I have been on an insulin pump for twelve years, beginning just before my sophomore year in college.  I had never had a serious relationship prior to the pump.  Back when I went on it, they weren't waterproof and you couldn't disconnect at all.  Having something attached was a full time commitment, without any momentary breaks.

I found that it didn't push guys off at all.  In fact, my diabetes itself seemed to draw them my way.  I remember I started dating a guy after he heard about a bad low the girls in my dorm rescued me out of.  That caught his attention, and he actually liked it.

Honestly, though, I can't address the intimacy issue.  I'd rather we not dwell on this further in this setting, but I was a virgin when I married my husband, and I believe he was a virgin, too.  I have never been intimate without my pump (because we first began when there weren't any options), and I've never seen it as a problem.  It is usually just beside us and isn't even messed with.  Occasionally, there might be a little tangling, but I've never had it ruin the mood!

She NEEDS the freedom a pump would bring her, given how flexible college life must be.  Just as SOON as she is proven competent with MDI, if it is what SHE wants, of course, then move forward with the insulin pump.  She will value it immensely.  

And any guy worth a second glance will not mind it in the least.

Kristen Olgren
dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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