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[IP] Re: Pump and college.

On 11/15/02 2:26 PM, "insulin-pumpers-digest" <email @ redacted>

> Unfortunately the diabetes educator was somewhat
> negative about pump and said
> they had one girl quit it because it interfered with
> her relationships and  guys
> felt uncomfortable because she had something
> attached to her.  I have had  3
> relationships since being on the pump (3+ years) and
> it has never been a
> problem.  However, I am 45 and have not dated
> college guys since I was in
> college so I told my daughter I would ask others
> what there experience has  been.

Be it 25 or 85...IT DOES NOT MATTER. If anyone gets freaked over a pump, and
the pumper quits the pump, later getting comps of diabetes, then the
partners will be DOUBLY 'freaked' by a Prosthetic leg or dialysis fistula!
Who the h*** needs 'friends' like that??

I would question any CDE that told anything like that about another
patient...What are they saying about YOU when YOU leave the office? I think
it is more the CDE herself and her own fears, and not any other "case".

I'm 46 and am in college (for fun) and all the guys think my pump is
"COOL!"....On fellow even got info from me for his girlfriend at UC Irvine.

Tell her not to sweat it, they can "Just Deal"/

-- I have an iBook and am not afraid to use it!

Jenny Sutherland
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