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Re: [IP] Left handed insertion

Well I manage somehow to do an insertion at 3 am on my right side of my stomache, I used my right hand but sorta did it backwards, so the cannula was facing my elbow and my hand was over the set  to get it so the tubing faces the belly button.  It worked ok and I really perfer the tubing that way to tuck it in, don't know why but it really bugged me when it was aimed out.
I havn't tried the inserter and probably won't.
Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm
> Summer, 
> I use my left hand to insert on the left side of my abdomen, but 
> then 
> again I also use my left hand to insert on my right side, since 
> I'm left 
> handed :-)  It doesn't bother me that the tubing is "pointing out" 
> on one 
> half and "pointing in" on the other, I haven't had any issues with 
> tucking 
> it in.  I'd suggest trying this way again first before trying to 
> do the 
> insertion with your other hand, so you can have the best control 
> for the 
> insertion.  It just occured to me that you may be using an 
> inserter, I 
> don't and if that is the case it may be less on an issue.
> Jackie
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