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RE: [IP] Insulin Pumps and college

I am 26, only been out of college for 4 years or so-- i did not start on my pump until after I got out of college adn had my first job and my own insurance. (long story, my mom was one of those control freaks when it came to my diabetes adn was very skeptical about the pump and for whatever reasons had excuses to not get it). (did i say was a control freak?  she still is :)  )

Anyway, I have no idea how i lived through college without a pump.  I was on shots all throughout; and I can honestly say I was in the worst control of my life at that point-- it is difficult to weigh the importance of studying, the importance of beer adn the importance of controlling diabetes...

As far as the guy thing-- I would think that i guy would be more uncomfortable with thier girlfriend "shooting up" (as we used to call it) versus pushing a few buttons on her pager looking thing.

Plus, find me a man/guy who isn't into Best Buy and technology and stuff??  I would think that they woudl be interested.  

I met my husband in college, and i was on shots; (and he still married me) he was involved with the pump thing from the start.  He was more excited and wanted to open the box when my new paradigm came this last week-- and pretty much attacked me like a small child on christmas when i walked in teh door from work..  "open it open it."  "let me see it"   "let me play with it now."

Any guy who is "pushed off" by a pump (or girl to be PC) is pushing away a part of who you are (or your daughter).  I don't identify myself as The diabetic Julie or Julie the diabetic; but it (diabetes) has been a huge factor in who i am today, adn why i am the way i am today-- so it is a part of who i am not just what i am.

Just a few thoughts. :)

26 y/o   IDDM 18yrs
pumping 507C since 2/99
paradigm since 11.11.02

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