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Re: [IP] Food software/sites

> Ryan is your software Mac compatible? If I put it on my Visor can I
>print it via my Mac?


You can try it out for free, if you want...just download it from handango or

Anyhow, it isn't really Mac or Windows.  It only runs on the PDA.  To
export, it exports to the PDA's memo pad in CSV format, which you can import
into any spreadsheet program (Excel, etc.) on either Windows or Mac...you
just have to extract it from the Memos on your PDA's desktop software.

Actually, this is rather annoying method, but it works.  Although I do want
to make exporting more seemless, it involves purchasing a development
environment I can't afford right now, or learning a new language.  I'm going
to learn the new language...but probably not until after Christmas...I'm so
overwhelmed with things this time of year...I'm editing videos, updating my
software, directing my church choir program, and writing music...on top of
spending time with my wife and family, plus a job.

Hmm.  Anyhow, I'm actively improving Logbook DM.  (Currently, I'm adding
auto-categorization and category-based stats.)

But, to be fair...if downloading to your computer and printing EASILY is a
high priority, it will probably be a few months before I get to that...and
so you might try out other software for the time being. You can do it with
mine...but it takes a few steps.

Ryan Bruner
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