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Re: [IP] Insulin Pumps and college

> My daughter was just diagnosed with diabetes (see my prior email)
> and is in  her 1st semester of college.  She has been a little back
> and forth about the  pump and I feel she has a lot to deal with now
> and don't want to push her.  At  first wanted to skip shots all
> together and go straight to the pump but of  course they won't let
> her do that until she can prove she can follow the  regiment.

The regimen is B.S.  What's more important (my opinion) is that she 
become familiar with diabetes management with shots so that she is 
not in a jam if she is without her pump. I'd say that 90 days is an 
adequate time to do this and become very familiar. After that, a pump 
has huge advantages for a college kid. I know that Lily frequently is 
up til 4:00 am studying (and sometimes playing) and that her schedule 
is bizarre to say the least. This is the "norm" for almost everyone 
she knows. It would be almost impossible without a pump for her to 
fit in with her peers and accomplish what is necessary for school and 
personal life as well. Her classes may vary on any given day from 
8:00 in the morning to 7:30 in the evening. Meals at fixed times are 
simply not possible. Snacks would be an incredible hassle in an 
already difficult schedule. You fill in the blanks about how a pump 
would help.

> Unfortunately the diabetes educator was somewhat negative about pump

One comment..... get a new diabetes educator. This one has her head 
jammed up where there is no light, only funny smells  :-)

> and said they had one girl quit it because it interfered with her
> relationships and  guys felt uncomfortable because she had something
> attached to her.  

Right (NOT). Lily has to beat them off with a stick.

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