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Re: [IP] Insulin Pumps and college

> > Anyway it I could get some feedback for my daughter, I would appreciate
> it.
> i'm a 27 yr old university student up here in ottawa and been on the
> pump for a little over a month now.  to be quite honest, i haven't
> been with a guy (dating, physical stuff) other than friends for 2
> years now.   

> i would say that her diabetes instuctor should just shove it.  yeah,
> some guys are gonna be a little uncomfortable about a pump, but
> these are the same guys who would be uncomfortable with her testing
> her blood and giving herself needles.   who needs that kind of guy? 
> not me. <g>

Guys with those phobias are not the "norm", at least where my 19yo 
pumper daughter is concerned. She's been pumping almost 8 years now 
and hasn't run into one yet. Most of her suitors, if not ambivalent, 
are usually interested in finding out what they can do to help rather 
than put off by her diabetes. The interesting thing is that Lily is 
put off by the interest and would prefer that they simply ignore her 
diabetes completely, I suspect because she gets tired of answering 
the "same dumb questions".

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