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Re: [IP] Insulin Pumps and college

> Anyway it I could get some feedback for my daughter, I would appreciate

i'm a 27 yr old university student up here in ottawa and been on the pump
for a little over a month now.  to be quite honest, i haven't been with a
guy (dating, physical stuff) other than friends for 2 years now.   this is
probably more due to the fact that i was first diagnosed as type 2, so i
wasn't on insulin, just on a lot of drugs that didn't do any good, so i
looked like hell, and felt worse, and was pretty grumpy and sleepy and
dopey, and... you get the picture.

i would say that her diabetes instuctor should just shove it.  yeah, some
guys are gonna be a little uncomfortable about a pump, but these are the
same guys who would be uncomfortable with her testing her blood and giving
herself needles.   who needs that kind of guy?  not me. <g>

right now, her health and her education are the most important things, and
strong control of her bg's will certainly make learning and doing papers,
research, etc, much easier.  i've already noticed the difference, not to
mension that with the pump i feel so much more normal than before.
actually, some people think the pump is really cool, and lots don't even
notice it because they think it's a pager.

i'd also say that the pump would probably be better than just needles for
nighttime control, which would be a good thing since she lives in the dorm.

overall, as a student, i'd say that as long as you can afford the pump for
her, she'd feel much better, socially, physically, and educationally (is
that a word?) with it.  i sure do.  my school insurance doesn't pay for the
pump at all, so my family is paying for it out of pocket and from
inheritances, but it's been worth it.  very worth it.
i'd actually hope they put her on the pump sooner, rather than later.

best of luck to her - bet she's in the middle of tons of papers, just like
me. :)

liz - ottawa, with 4 more papers to go before exams.
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