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[IP] Insulin Pumps and college

My daughter was just diagnosed with diabetes (see my prior email) and is in  her
1st semester of college.  She has been a little back and forth about the  pump
and I feel she has a lot to deal with now and don't want to push her.  At  first
wanted to skip shots all together and go straight to the pump but of  course they
won't let her do that until she can prove she can follow the  regiment.

Unfortunately the diabetes educator was somewhat negative about pump and said
they had one girl quit it because it interfered with her relationships and  guys
felt uncomfortable because she had something attached to her.  I have had  3
relationships since being on the pump (3+ years) and it has never been a
problem.  However, I am 45 and have not dated college guys since I was in
college so I told my daughter I would ask others what there experience has  been.

Anyway it I could get some feedback for my daughter, I would appreciate it.

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