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[IP] Daughter diagnosed with diabetes

My 18 year old daughter was diagnosed last week.  She told me a few weeks ago
that she was very thirsty and drinking and going to the bathroom all the  time.
Anyway she was diagnosed at the health care center and sent to the  emergency
room of the hospital which is conveniently located across from her  dorm!  She
was in the hospital for 3 days and luckliy they let me sleep on a  cot in her
room.  I made the mistake of assuming that the doctor in charge of  her care was
an endocrinologist or I would have questioned some things  sooner.  They shut off
her insulin IV 2 hours before they gave her Lantus.  I  kept telling them that
she needed insulin but they were busy and short  staffed.  Then they let her eat
random amounts of carbs with no insulin to  cover it and just adjusted later.  I
was also surprized how many people tried  to tell be that maybe she was a type 2
(a normal weight 18 year old with  accute symptoms including DKA and a diabetic
mother!). I can imagine how hard this is for parents who don't have first hand
(29  years) diabetes experience.  It would be much better if this was last year
and  she had time to get comfortable with it before being in the dorm around
other  people.  I have to say she is handling it very well and really rising to
the  challenge of counting carbs, taking shots, calculating corrections, testing
BS, etc.  I've really been amazed. That doesn't mean that we haven't both  cried
about it.  She said that she thought we were close enough and didn't  need
another bonding experience!

I was with her for 6 days and it was harder to leave her after that then when  we
first left her at college.  On top of this she is going through a breakup  with
her boyfriend - just when she needed reassurance that guys (and her  friends)
would not treat her differently.  I know she is strong and will get  through this
but as a parent it is hard to see them hurt.

Type 1 29 years - pumping 3+ years
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