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Re: [IP] ultraflex and leg sites?

Trish, and anyone else who is interested...think of the out side of your leg. 
 Now think about how the front muscles are laying on the leg and then the 
back muscles (sorry my anatomy is REAL rusty right now) the way I figured it 
out for Josh is that there is a little bit of space on the outer side of the 
thigh where these two groups of muscles do not quite meet.  That little gap 
is where we are inserting the site and I gotta tell ya, it is really working 
for Josh.  We first got the idea when we met Megan in FL on our recent trip.  
She is very skinny and younger than Josh and really preferred these spots as 
well.  It freaked me out seeing it but then it got Josh thinking and WHAM!!!  
IT really does work!

Good Luck!

mom to Joshua
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