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Congratulations to you!
    I felt like a kid at Christmas when my pump arrived and even better the
day I started pumping. The extra BG testing, learning carb counting,
memorizing pump functions, etc. were fun not a chore because of the freedom
I have now. I suppose it would hard for a non-D person to understand what I
mean about freedom when I am tethered to an electronic device.
    I wish you the best in your new life with the better treatment you have
now for our shared disease.

Cody S. Alderson

----- Original Message -----
> Finally!!!  I'm up and pumping. I thought this day would >never come. I
got started yesterday on my Animas >IR1000 pump.  I had two trainers come to
my house. >They were there for almost 4 hrs. They had a lot of
>information!! Hope I can remember it all!! My first night >was successful,
I guess. I think I went too low though. >Probably will have to change my
basel. I'm at .65 right >now. It's so much easier than taking shots. Just
pull it >out, push a few buttons, and you're done. This is great. I >never
dreamed it would be this easy. So far, so good! >Hope everything goes ok for
a long time.
> Debbie Harbottle . . .
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