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[IP] Re: Camping/hiking

> From: "Robert Page" <email @ redacted>
> Long story a little longer--I went kinda low while hiking, but I just chomped
> on lifesavers about every hour w/o bolusing for them.  I stayed in the 70-85
> range for most of the hikes.

When you go back at New Year's, how do you think you'd manage if you had
your pump turned off? I hike regularly throughout the summer -- anywhere
from a couple of hours to a full day -- and when I was first pumping I
experienced major lows while active and/or crashing lows hours later. I
fiddled with ever-reduced basals until I just turned the thing off
altogether for shorter hikes or suspended it but bolused 1 U every hour
during longer ones. (In principle it's the same objective, but bolusing the
same amount you might basal (is that a verb?) gives you a spike that
prevents a low. Not ideal, but it avoids emergencies.) I found my readings
afterwards were nicely stable.

With a heavy pack and straps and sweat, it was also more comfortable to
disconnect and use my pen instead.

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