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[IP] IP or I Pee that is the question

Fellow Pumpers

About five years ago my 43 year long membership to the infamous I PEE League
expired.  Buoyed  by Mamie , my then  brand new Minimed 507, I  joined the  IP
List,  first lurking , then  growing bolder, I asked the occasional question
wondering  if anyone would answer.  Someone did.  I  learned a special kind of
sharing be it thoughts, extra pumping supplies or even giving or getting
emotional support.

Yoyo, my cat had accepted  Mamie since she  came with  tubing that dangled
alluringly.   What fun!
But one day Yoyo stopped playing.  Her hind paws  stiffened and she could no
longer jump on my bed to look for  tubing.  Her litter box was a soggy mess!
Egads!  She had joined the I PEE League!!!
There was no pump for Yoyo, just shots.  I tested her urine daily as I had
mine in the old days.  Out of curiosity I passed one of the strips through my
own stream and wonder of wonders NEGATIVE!!!! NEVER NEVER had this happened
pre pumping!

After 4 years of faithful service, Mamie my pump  got off warrantee. I knew I
had to get another pump and again turned to IP for input.  I decided on the
Animas R1000 for a number of reasons, but I did not expect it to arrive
screaming at me the moment I lifted it out of its box and pressed a button.
It was a shattering experience and had it not been for the support of other
pumpers, I would have gladly tossed it out the window.   I'm glad I didn't!
But now what to do with Mamie?

Michael posted that pumps could be donated to IP and used by others who would
otherwise be unable to pump.  What a great idea! Instead of having Mamie
linger in a drawer with a few boxes of cartridges drying up so that they would
be unusable with time, I could detach as one detaches from a grownup child and
allow her to rescue someone else from the I PEE League.  And so I did.

I am not content to share only ideas or supplies with the List. It is too
important to me.  That's why I contribute financially to IP so it can keep
going. I hope you do too!

Denise Guerin
Type 1 48 years
Minimed 507 4 years
Animas R1000  6 months
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