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No Subject

email @ redacted said:

>I've never had any problems with the quarterly delivery of my pump
>Always there and always on time! Never had any problems with any of my >pump
>supplies themselves either! Always top notch quality!

I have to agree wtih these comments about Disetronic.  

I sit back, read the digest, and never comment.  I have had my Htron + for
almost 3 years.  I don't know what it would be like to have another pump, nor
do I care to find out.  I have never had one problem with the pump.  I have
always gotten amazing service from EVERYONE I have ever spoken to at their
headquarters.  They have gone to bat for me when I originally applied for my
pump, making sure the process went quickly and smoothly.  Even the sales reps
I've dealt with have not ever made unkind  or untrue or disrespectful comments
about the competition.

I have never needed the second pump, but I feel very safe having it.  When it
was time to send in my primary pump for the 2-year (or whatever) servicing, it
went quickly and smoothly, and I got it back in a very short time.

My favorite thing about the pump itself is that I ALWAYS bolus through my
clothes.  Once a day, I look to see how much insulin I've used that day and
how much is left in the pump.  That's all I care about - that's all I need.

Happy Carol
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