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[IP] Help!Help!!

Surely there's someone out here that can help me. I have been practicing
on my paradigm like I'm supposed to before you start, and have never
hooked up with a reservoir or whatnot. Anyway, just a few minutes ago, I
go into the kitchen to fix our baby a bottle, and hear a beep. There is
three open circles on each side, which mean something needs looked at,
and it said low reservoir. Now what do I need to do???? Kind of strange
since nothings been in it for it to say that. I didn't know if I have to
rewind the pump like it says, or just leave the alarms on there. I took
the battery out thinking that might help if its out for a while. Any help
would be greatly appreciated, or else I may have to call them and I'm not
even pumping insulin as of yet.:{ThanksJamie  Marty email @ redacted
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