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Re: [IP] Bad luck with the Precision Xtra glucose monitor


Call them back.    Maybe you just got a bad tech on a bad day.
If necessary,  ask to speak to a supervisor,  or the supervisor's

We've got 2 precision Xtra's running now.   One for home and one
for school.    About the begining of October we noticed that the school
one was loosing some of its readings from memory.    At first I
wrongly accused Zachary of not having taken his BG at school at
a certain time.     We kept swearing he had,  and on two occasions
he had done a correction dose,  so he must have been correcting numbers
he'd seen that weren't there when he got home.    Then one night I
recorded his daily school numbers into our log and then switched to
the home meter,  but for some reason at dinner he'd grabbed the school
one by accident.    That evening when I went to log in the evening info,
I noticed it wasn't on the home meter and he said it was on the school
one.   When I played it back,  I found dinner,  but found out that two of
the readings that were there earlier were now gone!!

I don't think they really believed me when I called,  and they wanted me to
try to continue using it for a while to see if it happened anymore,  but I
told them it was important to have accurate records and I needed it
replaced.    They overnighted a new one to us.    Call them again.


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