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[IP] still don't have my paradigm

When I called to sign up for the training session, I couldn't get away
work to go to the one in Orlando and all the other ones had been filled
(I live 
in Tampa Bay area).  They told me to call back in December.  Is there
else out there who doesn't have theirs yet?  I'm getting nervous.  And
what if 
I call in December and they don't have any near me that I can go to? 
I'll be 
out of town for a week, and starting a new job so I can't really take a
lot of 
other time off.  Should I be worried?

  I live in central Alaska and I had a problem with the scheduling of my
upgrade also. I was out of town when all of the sessions were scheduled.
I talked to the woman at Medtronic who was managing all the Paradigm
upgrades and through her I was able to have my Paradigm shipped to my
doctors office (her PA is a certified pump trainer) and I had a one on
one training in my doctors office. You might try this approach. 

Karen in North Pole, Alaska
Dx'ed 1971
Pumping since 1996
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