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[IP] MM508/dire straights...

On 11/13/02 1:08 PM, "insulin-pumpers-digest" <email @ redacted>

> What about those non-profit credit management companies?  You give them your
> income and expenses and they make a budget for you and determine how much you
> can pay and they distribute it to your creditors.  Not sure how this would
> work 
> for court ordered garnishments.  They should try to go to court and ask the
> judge for an appeal.  Maybe if they show him a letter of medical necessity
> from 
> their doctor and the amount that all their supplies cost, he would consider a
> lower
> amount.

I'm not too sure of that either, as thing vary state to state, but one of my
emails is to my friend at CCCS. I hope he'll answer soon asbout this.
Sharon's not the only one losing sleep here..... I want so badly to help
with a check or something, and can't do much at all. I'm hoping my friends
can have some ideas though, at least for some extra food on the table for
The Geek shall inherit the Earth!
Jenny Sutherland
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