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Did you order Logbook DM from Palmgear, or from handango?  I've had a 
problem with palmgear with another person.  They ordered it, but never 
received the registration key, even though Palmgear charged them for 
it.  I, also, never received a message from Palmgear indicating any 
order had been placed.  

You said you ordered it...but I have no message from them indicating 
you placed any order. I fear Palmgear is having problems. You should 
have received a Registration Key immediately.  Please e-mail me off-
line if this is a problem.  Until they resolve this, I'm recommending 
people get it from www.handango.com instead of palmgear.  How 

Ryan Bruner

>I highly recommend using a PDA for tracking bgs, insulin, carbs, etc. 
>I like
>the Freestyle lancet device and I like the fact that the bg reading is
>automatically stored on the PDA. Today, however I looked at the 
>software for recording my information and I think I like it a lot 
>better. I
>have ordered it and should get it in the next few days (must have done
>something wrong because I never saw an option to download 
>immediately.) It
>cost $15.00 and will run on my Handspring PDA.
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