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RE: [IP] Freestyle tracker backorder

I love the PDA application, if just for its abilities to crunch numbers and
give me averages for various time periods.    With just that and the ability to
graph the results, I'm completely satisfied with what I got.   I don't use any
of the other diary entry functionality, like insulin or meal entry.   

The online upload of information was interesting, but not interesting enough to
make me a dedicated user.   I wasn't terribly fond of the graphs they had
available.   The only thing I'm really interested in is trend graphs covering a
given time period that includes all readings and something similar that would
let me show trend graphs based on the reading category (pre-breakfast,
pre-lunch, etc).

The PC Tracker application that comes with it will allow you to export your
glucose readings, and probably others to a text file.   Also, they're just
storing the data on the PC in an MS Access database.  You could open it up and
do whatever you wanted to with the data.

Again, I'm fairly pleased with the product, even though I know I'm not using
100% of what it can do.  I just don't like entering data manually.


--- "Stephens, Janet" <email @ redacted> wrote:
> BrentM, you say you like yours which makes me want to hold out and see for
> myself--IF I EVER GET IT!  Are you really pleased?  I know you've written me
> before when I asked for feedback on this product but I just feel the need for
> more.  This will be a Christmas gift for me so I don't want a dud!  What is
> your experience with the uploading to the web factor?  My husband says that
> isn't as good as being able to upload it to your own PC(?).
> Also, I forget what is involved in the rebate side of the deal.  I just
> remember someone gave me helpful tips to follow to make sure I didn't get
> stalled, etc.

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