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Re: [IP] Freestyle tracker backorder

Marne <email @ redacted> wrote regarding the back order for the Tracker.

My response --> I ordered mine at 4:15 pm on October 15 and received it
around noon on October 17. I think what has probably happened is due to the
software and database updates that they announced last week to make some
corrections. I just downloaded the new versions but they are mailing out new
CDs. I would assume it takes some time to mass produce these new CDs and
probably they don't want to mail out any new Trackers with the old CD.

Janet email @ redacted wrote that she is also waiting for her Tracker
and not too sure if she wants it after my posting regarding upload of info
to web.

My response -->As long as you are upload your data daily it really is not
that much of a hassle. I am hoping though Therasense will see the light and
update there software.

I highly recommend using a PDA for tracking bgs, insulin, carbs, etc. I like
the Freestyle lancet device and I like the fact that the bg reading is
automatically stored on the PDA. Today, however I looked at the LOGBOOK DM
software for recording my information and I think I like it a lot better. I
have ordered it and should get it in the next few days (must have done
something wrong because I never saw an option to download immediately.) It
cost $15.00 and will run on my Handspring PDA.

With the Tracker, a record is automatically created for each bg reading.
Then every time you take insulin, you create another record. Every time you
eat, you create another record. If you take a correction insulin, you create
another record. With the Logbook DM, you create one record to show the bg,
carbs, bolus, and correction bolus. I don't at this point know what the
reporting capability is like. When I get it, I will let you know which I
like the best. The Logbook DM also does a bolus calculation which is not
done by the Tracker.

>From what I can tell, you input the time but not the event, before/after
breakfast, lunch, dinner. So I don't think you would be able to get
statistics according to the events. (The same stats I complained to
Therasense about and I might add they did correct very quickly.)

All of these decisions are really tough. Even if you choose the best product
today, something better will be there tomorrow. Wish I knew what to tell
you. The only thing I know for sure is that I like having a PDA for both
control of my diabetes and for my calendar and address book. I did not have
one before. If you get the Tracker but don't like there software, getting
new software is not all that expensive.

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