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[IP] A note about pump and infusion set durability

Hi Folks,
    I was sitting on my bed with one of my 108 pound lab/mastiff pups next to
me. She was laying down wanting some attention so I was petting her. My wife
went into the other room and the dog decided to quickly follow her. When she
jumped up to go follow my wife she got her collar tangled in my pump tubing.
    I grabbed the tubing that was close to me while the dog was bounding away
with my pump and the other end of the tubing. When the tubing went taut my dog
stopped. She must have thought it was a leash!
    The tubing got a good stretch but didn't break and the Paradigm didn't
suffer any damage on its quick ride. The pump was in the belt clip, but when
the dog took off it popped right out and went with the dog leaving the clip
still attached to me.
    Everything looked fine but I changed the set anyway just in case. I am
quite satisfied with the infusion set durability and the durability of the
Paradigm pump as well. I don't think it mentions anything in the owner's
manual about the pump being designed to work as a leash for a lab/mastiff.
    I was curious about the strength of the tubing so I used the tubing from
the set I changed out and gave it a good pull. I must say that it takes quite
a yank to break the tubing. I'm glad that the sets don't get attached to our
skin any stronger than what they are now because the tubing is so strong that
if the set was attached to be as strong as the tubing it would yank out a good
size hunk of flesh in a mishap.

Cody S. Alderson
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