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RE: [IP] Freestyle tracker backorder

I ordered my TRACKER on 10/22/02 and was told after I placed my order that they, @ Therasense, had just been informed of the backorder and told me that it would be "about a week or so".  SO, I've called every week and am still being told the same thing.  The last time I called, last thursday, 11/7/02, they told me they don't know how long it will last.
I'm still waiting but have started wondering if maybe I should cancel my order after reading Sue's messages about her frustrations with the preset times of meals and such.  I must say since I don't have mine yet it was a bit hard to follow but she mentioned "we might want to save out money" and not order one.  
BrentM, you say you like yours which makes me want to hold out and see for myself--IF I EVER GET IT!  Are you really pleased?  I know you've written me before when I asked for feedback on this product but I just feel the need for more.  This will be a Christmas gift for me so I don't want a dud!  What is your experience with the uploading to the web factor?  My husband says that isn't as good as being able to upload it to your own PC(?).
Also, I forget what is involved in the rebate side of the deal.  I just remember someone gave me helpful tips to follow to make sure I didn't get stalled, etc.
OK, still waiting on my Tracker and want to remain excited!  I for one would love any other responses on the topic.
--janet (Dxd @ age 3, 8/78; pumping H-tron+ since 6/00)
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I experienced something similar when I ordered mine in July.   It took about 3
weeks for it to show up on my door, even though they had charged my credit card
for the purchase already.   Annoying, but I like the product that finally
arrived.   If they're offering the rebate still, don't hold your breath while
waiting for it to arrive.   I ordered mine in July and quickly mailed in the
rebate form, and didn't receive my check until last week.  (~4 months).

It's either vastly more popular than they anticipated or they are having
manufacturing problems.


--- Marne Bodine-Rice <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I ordered a Freestyle tracker about 2 weekes ago, and they told me at
> that time that there was a back order on them.  The person I talked to
> made it sound like I would probably have it within two weeks.  I just
> called Therasense to see when my orde would be shipped out but they
> still have no idea when they'll have them in.   Does anyone know
> anything about this?
> Thanks for any info

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