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[IP] Bad luck with the Precision Xtra glucose monitor

I have a Precision Xtra glucose monitor which I've only had for a couple of
weeks and I'm already sick of it. I was kind of forced to change monitors
because of the insurance I have, I used to have the Accu Chek and although the
Precision has some great features which the Accu Chek doesn't have, I still
can't stand it. I keep getting this error message about once a day, all I have
to do is take the batteries out for a few seconds and put them back in but I
have to do it at least once a day and it can get very annoying, especially the
other night when I went the movies. I had enough lighting to do a glucose test
and noticed the error message so I had to leave the movie so I could fix my
machine. The company representative that I spoke to the other day says that
the machine is still functioning and works properly so there's no need to get
another machine but this shouldn't happen at all. I shouldn't have to worry
about my machine and it should be reliable which this one does not seem to be.
I was wondering if others use the Precision xtra and what their thoughts and
experiences are. Thank you.

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