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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V6 #782

On 11/12/02 10:35 PM, "insulin-pumpers-digest" <email @ redacted>

> This is the downside to owning a Mac...despite all of its fine
> qualities, it still suffers, and will continue to suffer, from limited
> support from Software vendors due to the lack of market.  You have a
> chicken and egg thing.  Macs don't sell nearly as well as Windows
> machines because there isn't as much software available for them (as
> well as costing more for "equivilent" features).  But, software vendors
> won't develop for them because there isn't enough market share.  ANd,
> in fact, the very thing that kinds some of the software vendors
> developing for Mac is because there is very little competition, and so
> they can charge slightly more as well as have fewer competitors.

That is the bass-ackwards thing about big business. Screw what we want and
screw the profit they already make off us. They, like most 'Lemmings' follow
each other off the proverbial cliff.

Thing is, it shouldn't be THAT hard to develop a program for Mac, make even
more of their customers happy, and be truthful when they say their company
is indeed "Listening to it's customers". LOL, that IS a joke, huh?

I wouldn't be "forced" to go without a pump, Then, I wouldn't be "forced" to
use one certain pump above all others, I have chosen my BG meter type yet
they are trying to force me into Windows? Uh-Uh. I don't 'do' windows, so
they can keep their software then. *I* don't need it that badly, just
would've been a nice thing....

Guess I got hopes that some companies would really "Think Different".

IBook, iPod, iPump, BG meter, Cables, PDA,....Yeah, I'm ready to go

Jenny Sutherland
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