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Re: [IP] I HATE my paradigm

At 08:43 AM 11/11/02 -0800, you wrote:
 >It depends on your perspective - It seems as though the people who really
 >like their Paradigm, haven't been pumping that long and don't know what the
 >other pumps are like. Similarly, if you don't know what MiniMed USED to be
 >like, you don't realize how it's gone downhill. Just my opinion of course.

I've been pumping for 5 years, on a 507, 508, and now a Paradigm.  I love 
the Paradigm.  I have had some problems with it but nothing 
earthshattering.  Yes, MiniMed customer support has gone downhill, but that 
is to be expected after a merger/acquisition.  I expect that they will have 
things righted in a year or so.

For anyone experiencing the A21 error after changing the battery, there is 
a software upgrade that, as far as I can tell, fixes this problem.  To get 
it you need to trade in your pump.  The one they send you as a replacement 
will have software version 1.8 C 1.1.  And, BTW, a refurbished pump is 
every bit as good as a new one.  Sometimes better.

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