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No Subject

Joel Lefkowitz  (email @ redacted)

I have had diabetes for about 20 years and I am now 58 years old. I am male and
in January of this year I had a by-pass operation. Since the operation my Hba1c
has gone from 6.8 to 10.3. I have checked the pump, the tubing, the test strips
but I am still having trouble getting myself under control.

I have been using the Minimed 508 with Humalog insulin. I use 67 units a day of
humalog with a 1:10 ratio of insulin to carbs.

I live in Miami, Florida and am a tour guide in the Everglades. I am starting to
think that possibly the heat in the Everglades is causing the Humalog insulin to
turn bad. Perhaps someone else has heard or experienced this problem.