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Re: [IP] Health insurance--any word on Kaiser Permanente Select?

I have Kaiser in Washington, DC.  For my employers plan they will pay for 
100% of pump and supplies.  Some plans will pay for 80%.  My problem is I've 
been working on this for 2 months (partly my fault), but other things in this 
system take FOREVER.  Need a surgery and was referred to the scheduler 6 
WEEKS AGO.  She called today.  You also need to see your internist to be 
referred to an endo to recommend a pump (make sure he refers to an endo who 
will recommend a pump).  I have also encountered numerous incompetent MD's.   
Medicare criteria, which means you must be a type I.  I had to wait 3 weeks 
for an endo appointment.  Supposedly the system works, you just have to work 
with the system.  I hope you have better luck then I have had.

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